Our Focus

AIM Enrichment Program established since 2008 serves pre-schools in Singapore and China. AIM’s Programs focus on progressive skills and concept-based learning. The customisation of literacy tools to equip children with knowledge and academic skillsets, learnt into formative years.

AIM Phonics reading technique has been well proven since 2008, and achieved great success in pre-schools. Track records of all collaborated centres in reaching high enrolment rate up to 95% for more than a decade. It attracts parents who are looking for established curriculum in academic development as an added value service.

In enhancement of STEAM Education – Applied Learning Program into all primary schools in Singapore by 2023. We have evolved to be the First Cybernated Phonics Reading Program – Transformative Learning through Technology.

An infrastructure system that consists of AIM Phonics Reading Program through easy access infra system on 150 digital lessons for your teachers and Mobile app (under Google Playstore) for parents to assess on the E-Activity Books and E-Readers. AIM Phonics Reading Program and Assessment training will be provided for your teachers to be certified as competent AIM Phonics trainers. 

‘AIM Phonics Program ensures children to read with confidence and not through memorising. We were invited to share our reading technique in Seminar held at Early Childhood Career and Learning Fair 2019 organised by Asian International College for Skills Future Festival. It has been highly endorsed by Early Childhood Educators.’

AIM Mathematics skillset allows children to have a clear understanding of numeracy and quantities values enhancement through its colour-coded learning resources through E-Lessons and E-Activities application of knowledge and skills on mobile app.

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