Discover the potential in children

We provide enrichment programs for preschoolers to build up their academic skills. Our subject-based enrichment programs are carefully designed to meet parents’ concerns for the academic development of their children.

Thematic Approach
It allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented. It allows literacy to grow progressively, with vocabulary linked and with spelling and sentence writing. It guides connected ideas to follow on easily, yet reinforced.

AIM Phonics & Enrichment Programmes
Addcel’s approach in its customised curriculum, guides students to apply principles in a simplified manner before placing them back into context. Therefore, students are introduced to a very simplistic phoneme skill – individual sound to simple words and into reading technique.

Experiential & Enriching Curriculum For Children
Customised Nursery Rhymes book for Nursery 1 – ( Rhymes, Lesson plans with teacher’s remark on child’s progress after each rhyme and Activity sheets ) … and more

Workshops For Teachers & Parents
AIM Phonics, Mathematics, Themematic Approach Programme Training and Assessment and more…

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