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Professional & Pride

Cindy Tan| Programme Director

Ms Cindy Tan is a highly qualified and competent trainer who communicates effectively with children at all levels. She dedicated her passion in Early Childhood Education since 1997. She began her teaching journey as a pre-school teacher, curriculum planner and trainer. She has been a consultant for childcare centres and implemented sets of customised curriculum and enrichment programs well-recognised by parents. Addcel Integrated Montessori Program has been acknowledged and benefitted various childcare centres in Singapore. 

Currently she is pursuing her Masters in Counselling with Monash University. Her other achievements include the following:

  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment with Institute of Adult Learning
  • Bachelor of Arts in Childhood and Family Education with Edith Cowan University
  • Diploma in Counseling Psychology Studies with Learning Capital Institute
  • Diploma in Leadership with SAUC Advent Links
  • Diploma in Preschool Teaching, with SAUC Advent Links
  • Intermediate Course in Early Childhood with RTRC Asia
  • Fundamental Course in Early Childhood Education with RTRC Asia

Christina Wong| Chief Trainer

Chief Trainer Miss Christina Wong holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) with the University of South Australia, Adelaide, a Diploma in Early Childhood and Montessori Studies, and a Certificate in the Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL).

With a passion in teaching and working with children, Miss Wong is a highly qualified and competent trainer who communicates effectively with children at all levels in the early childhood fields. She is a dedicated professional who can relate well to children of all levels, diverse nationalities, culture and backgrounds.

She has more than 20 years of management and teaching experiences in both kindergartens such as Bethesda Katong Kindergarten and Ascension Kindergarten; and childcare centres namely Metropolitan YMCA and Cambridge Child Development Centre.

Her experience includes the designation as a principal with Kinderland International Preschool in China for two years.

As an experienced teacher she is able to engage the children in her interesting and creative manner of teaching. She believes that children learn through structured manipulative involved with sensorial, visual and analytical experiences. Her lessons are child-centred and the children respond well to her.

Yeo Joon Lee |Business Marketing Manager

Ms Yeo Joon Lee holds both Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management with Singapore Institute of Management and Certificate of Education Studies with College of Teachers, United Kingdom. She has been a high flyer in the corporate world with excellence in both Business marketing and Human Resource skills. She has a career switch to being a freelance trainer in coaching children in their academic skills. She is diligent in absorbing the ECCE’s knowledge and skills, have set an achievement on the platform. 

Theresa Ang | Chief Trainer in Phonics

Ms Theresa Ang is currently undergoing her Masters in Early Childhood with Wheelock College and possessed of Bachelor of Education (with Honours) with University of South Australia, Diploma in Preschool Education with Frobel Academy, Diploma in Management Studies with Singapore Institute of Management.

Ms Theresa has fabulous experiences along her career path in Early Childhood Industry. She has ventured to Little School House in Vietnam- Hanoi as a principal to lead a team of local teachers in guiding them along the culture and difference in education in catering to International School students. Prior experience as a principal was gained from local Little School House childcare centre located in Ministry of Community Youth and Sports – MCYS building with Little School House.

Amelia Chua |Chief Trainer in Mathematics     

Ms Amelia Chua holds a Diploma in Early Childhood with Singapore Institute of Management, Pre-school Management & Administrative with Nanyang Institute of Education, Intermediate Certificate in Child Development and Early Childhood Education with Kinderland Learnig Center, Basic Certificate in Childcare and Child Development with Kinderland Learnig Center.   

Amelia started off her teaching journey since 1994 at premier childcare centres and enrichment programs along the years she has devoted herself to the children as a caring mother with lots of patience and love. She enjoys the quality time spend with teaching children with small ratio and benefited well with all specially hand- made materials for children to have better sensorial experiences. 

Our Trainers

Aeria Teo Kimberly Christine  

Ms Aeria Teo Kimberly Christine, currently undergoing her Bachelor in Early Childhood with Wheellock Institute and completed her Diploma in Preschool Teaching in 2006 with ICEC. In her first year of teaching, she proved her capabilities and exhibited much passion and patience in teaching.  Besides being a trainer for enrichment programs for the Nursery, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary class, Kimberly is appointed to conduct Integrated Montessori Math Enrichment Program Teachers Training for new trainers.

Roseline Chin

Programme Trainer, Ms Roseline Chin, completed her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Teaching in 2004 with SAUC. Her diligent leadership and guidance are highly appreciated by the teachers. She maintains good rapport with both children and parents.  She continues to gain much respect and trust from parents whom are eager to enrol their children in her classes.

Verlyn Khoo

Programme Manager, Ms Verlyn Khoo, completed her Diploma in Teaching ECCE with Learning Capital Learning Institute and  Diploma in Leadership in 2008 with Seeds Institue. Currently she is further pursuing her Diploma in Leadership with RTRC Asia. Ms Khoo has been a dedicated trainer to the company and her enthusiasm in teaching has brought in lots of fun and excitement during the lesson time. 

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