Workshops For Teachers & Parents

Workshops for teachers and parents

  • AIM Phonics Programme Training and Assessment
  • AIM Mathematics Programme Training and Assessment
  • AIM Themematic Approach Training and Assessment
  • AIM 绘本教学课程设计及师资培训
  • AIM 汉语拼音课程设计及师资培训
  • AIM 主题教学课程设计及师资培训
  • Big Fish Eat Small Fish
    (Fish Family Project awarded by MCYS innovative funds)
  • Maximising Your Child’s Potential
    (8 Multiples Intelligences- Howard Garner)
  • To Make a Difference
  • Classroom Management
  • Stress Relief Strategies

Workshops course titles

Course TitleLanguageDurationMain ObjectiveMain Trainer
Maximizing Child PotentialEnglish3hrsLO1: Understanding different types of Intelligence
LO2: Identify Intelligence for each child
LO3: Applying Intelligence through activities
Personal EffectivenessEnglish6hrsLO1: Understand the traits/ characteristic of Interpersonal Skills.
LO2: Identify 3 types of Interpersonal skills
LO3: To apply interpersonal skills into goal setting through the SMART way.
Effective Communication with colleaguesEnglish6hrsLO1: Identify types of conflicts
LO2: What causes conflicts
LO3: Applying of communication skills
Effective Communication with parentsEnglish3hrsLO1: Understand Parents Concerns
LO2: Tactics to tackle parents trust
LO3: Follow up with Initiative
Captivating StorytellingEnglish3hrsLO1: Basic skills of storytelling
LO2: Categories levels of listeners
LO3: Capturing of attention with involvement
Phonics SkillsEnglish16hrsLO1: Understand the importance of Phonics Skills
LO2: Applying Phonics skills through structured system
LO3: Phonemic awareness into Language and Literacy
Thematic CoachingEnglish3hrsLO1: Webbing of Themes
LO2: Integration of Themes into different subjects
LO3: Identify integrated objectives
Setting up of Learning CornersEnglish3hrsLO1: Different types of Learning Corners
LO2: How to set up Learning Corners
LO3: Utilise the Learning Corners with full involvement
Practical Life and Sensory for PreschoolersEnglish3hrsLO1: Understand the importance of practical lifes and sensory for preschoolers
LO2: Practical Life and sensory Activities
LO3: Applying of basic activities into classroom setting
Developmental Activities for Infant to 2 years oldEnglish3hrsLO1: Basic understanding of Developmental Areas for Infant to 2years old
LO2: Turn accessible materials into activity resources
LO3: Applying accessible resources into activities for Infant to 2 years old.
Bringing Learning from Indoors to OutdoorsEnglish6hrsLO1: Understand what is PIES
LO2: The differences of benefits in Indoor and outdoor learning
LO3: Applying Thematic outdoor learning

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